Amala Bharatam Campaign (ABC)

Secunderabad,   31 October 2013

Amma says “It is said that India is growing and developing. However, in matters of environmental cleanliness and hygiene, we are lagging behind by centuries. The lack of cleanliness in our roads and public toilets is …

Amritavarsham 60 Celebrations

12 September 2013

On the occasion of Amma’s (Sadguru Sri Amritanandamayi Devi) 60th Birthday Celebrations Amrita Vidyalayam organizes free medical check up, blood test and Annadanam to the children of Aman Vedika Orphanage on 12th September 2013 at Basant …

Amritavarsham 59

Secunderabad,   27 September  2012

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, fondly known as AMMA, embraces the world with Her love and compassion to all beings. The amount of love She spreads is immeasurable and unmatched. Many people wonder how a little girl from …

Literary Club

Secunderabad,   20 June 2012

Literary club brings out the latent talent of the students. It provides an opportunity for expressing their feelings. It helps in developing communication skills. Often, thoughts strike us but, pass by us as we forget. …

Guru Purnima Celebrations

Secunderabad,   3 July  2012

Guru is the supreme who illuminates divinity in us and removes the ignorance of those who are blinded by the cataract of ajnana-The Delusion. Realising the importance of the guru in our lives, we the students …

Nature Club

Secunderabad,   25 June 2012

The name itself indicates to bring awareness among students of their relationship with Mother Nature. Students enjoy and participate enthusiastically in every activity of this club. They take up different roles as of clearing up …


Secunderabad,   24 December 2011

Amrita fest is an annual, cultural and sports event to unearth the talents of the students. Various art, cultural and literary competitions such as Rangoli, Singing, Dance, Debate etc. were conducted. These competitions also teach team

Parent’s Day Celebrations

Secunderabad,   14 November 2011

Parents’ day was celebrated  in a grand manner as part of Childrens’ day celebrations. To mark the school’s tenth year, a special day for parents was organized in a very different manner. The parents actively took …