Cultural Report

Every star shines differently Your talent is god’s gift to you, what you do with it is you gift it back to god

Every child In this world is special and seeks to do something unique by which he/she is identified. In this great institution, learning is accomplished by a platform where a child can explore his or her talent.

Amrita fest brings this richness by allowing the children to participate in various competitions and develop deep within one’s ability. Indian tradition teaches us various ethic and values. We are bound to follow and respect these values. The Indian festivals propose yet another fascinating feature of this tradition, enabling us to learn the fact that every victory is good over evil and that evil lies within us. The festive celebrations at our school are very unique and also punctual. Every festival is made into an occasion with the launch of amrita fest competitions with the topics revolving around the festival. Amrita fest inculcates the spirit of celebration and helps the students to truly understand themselves by showing their hobbies and talents by participating in these competitions.

Amrita fest competitions

We have segregated the competitions in 5 phases based on the occasions they are held on.

Phase I

On the occasion of guru poornima we marked the beginning of our amrita fest competitions. We conducted group competition for houses that was group bhajan. And we conducted individual competitions for

Category 3: recitation competition 1

Category 4: opine the sloka

Category 5: essay writing


On the occasion of Independence Day we conducted our amrita fest phase 2 competition we conducted individual competitions for

Category 3: elocution competition

Category 4: declamation competitions

Category 5: extempore and group competitions instant dramatizations patriotic song and march past


To mark the auspicious day of krishnashtami we conducted amrita fest phase III competitions We held tableau competitions for groups As a individual competitions for our amrita tiny tots

Category 1: character play

Category 2: shloka chanting


We conducted quiz competitions and collage competition for groups And we conducted individual competitions for

Category 1 and 2 : Draw and color

Category 3: Diya decorations

Category 4: Best out of waste 2

Category 5: Cookery competitions


On the occasion of children’s day we conducted amrita fest PHASE 5 competitions. We held group dance competitions and debate competitions between houses. And mass drill and fancy dress for tiny tots of Amrita Vidyalayam.

And solo music was held for category 2, 3, 4 and 5. By the grace of our beloved Amma we could complete the amrita fest events successfully. We have not seen the amrita fest as competitions but as a way of bringing out hidden talents of all beloved students Our Amrita Vidhyarthees have been appreciated and bagged many prizes in external competitions.

ChitiTriputa Sri Sivani from class 1-C has received :

⦁ Kuchupudinrithyatsav 2022 awarded by SriRadha Krishna kuchipudinatyalaya

⦁ Kala shrinrityasiromani award on the account of Sampradayanrityavasantam

⦁ She has also another award on the account of guru pujyotsavam