hpad_acdms2Affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi (CBSE Affiliation: CBSE/Aff./EX-01095-0910/130190/2009/192267, dated 19/08/2009, Provisional affiliation), we follow a system of continuous evaluation that covers both the scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of student’s growth.  We have classes from 1 to X.

Our curriculum adds qualitative content beyond the prescribed syllabus; maximises students’ progress in intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, cultural and artistic fields; emphasizes activity-based and experiential learning and focuses on self-exploration and learning through co-scholastic activities and frequent educational outings.  Ours is a consciously and thoughtfully designed all-inclusive curriculum.

We seek to develop in our students the ability to think beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls, the text in the books and the exam marks.  In fact the objective is to shape a child’s mind to learn not just for the grade he is in, but to learn for life.

Right from the start to the senior secondary level, the goal is to promote need based learning of not just the standard subjects but also life skills like value education, fitness, etiquette and team work.

Evaluation is based on comprehensive assessment of performance throughout the year.  The various fields are class response, lab activity and project work, participation in cultural activities, personality, response and sensitivity to environmental and social issues.

Student Details

    A B C
Class 10 36 36    
Class 9 50 26 24  
Class 8 56 28 28  
Class 7 76 37 39  
Class 6 72 36 36  
Class 5 76 38 38  
Class 4 94 32 33 29
Class 3 93 31 30 32
Class 2 119 40 40 39
Class 1 110 37 37 36
  782 341 305 136












Teaching Staff

Our faculty epitomizes the core principles of Amrita Vidyalayams and works to achieve its goals.
We have a dedicated team of skilled and proficient academicians who are vibrant, innovative, stimulating and considerate. They aim to create an environment that is fostering, well-organised and forward-looking.

The teaching staffs at Amrita Vidyalayams are noted for their creative and effectual instructional skills, capable of optimal utilisation of immense facilities and resources available to them for the complete development of their students.

The teachers here are accustomed to the usage of most modern educational technologies and learning methodologies. They excel in transferring their immense knowledge to their pupils. Our teaching force includes 9 trained graduate teachers and 15 primary teachers.


Classes IX and X

For classes IX and X, the promotion criteria is as laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education, under conditions for the award of a CBSE Pass Certificate.


Admission Norms

All qualified candidates can apply for admission to Amrita Vidyalayam, Secunderabad. Candidates are admitted based on the rules and regulations stipulated by the CBSE.

Parents who wish to enroll their children in Secunderabad Amrita Vidyalayam can contact the school office for application forms and further details.