Education is the greatest wealth. No one can steal it or snatch it from you. It cannot be divided among brothers, and it is not heavy to carry. It increases as one consumes or spends it. As one shares it, it expands.

The new academic year began on June 15, 2020 with great excitement and positivity. Students, teachers and the management were excited to meet each other in a novel way using the technology of online classes. This year, the new academic session began by lighting the lamp and prayer chanting by class teachers. Teachers guided the students to do the same by watching the videos that were posted. Then our beloved Br. Nigamamrita Chaitanyaji shared his inspirational session followed by Amma’s Ashtotharam.

With Amma’s blessings, the staff and students started the day cheerfully and with confidence in spite of the situation caused by COVID-19. As the school shifted to online classes, our teachers and students became accustomed to teaching and learning effortlessly using the new technology.